“Dr. Hyde is a true leader in his field, pioneering EVLT, and his work is outstanding. A thoughtful and detail oriented physician – I recommend him to all my friends. You will not be disappointed!”
Alison R. , San Francisco, CA


“I saw Dr Hyde in his new San Francisco office and he worked on some pelvic and upper leg veins, wow…They feel so much better and look fabulous! Thanks Dr. Hyde!”
J.W. , Concord, CA


“I continue to receive treatment from Dr. Hyde for my varicose veins condition. As always, he is upfront, communicative, and intuitive. He is a pioneer of the endovenous laser treatment which has a much higher success rate than the traditional stripping treatment which is still being practiced by many HMOs. I had undergone this process three times before coming to Dr. Hyde and a year or so after surgery the situation recurred. This newer treatment has only been around for approximately a decade. It is fairly non-invasive and pain-free. Dr. Hyde always explains to the patient what he is doing as he goes so the patient is never out of the loop. Accompanying Dr. Hyde is a staff that are exceptionally professional, communicative,and supportive. I highly recommend anyone with this condition making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Hyde at either of his two locations-Walnut Creek or San Francisco.”
Michael C , Fremont, CA


“Dr. Hyde is amazing! He is not only very thorough and professional, he has a wonderful bedside manner and truly wants to improve your quality of life with his treatments. He is efficient, affordable, and really cares about his patients and the end results. He also has a warm and friendly staff—they are always available to answer questions or concerns and they will squeeze you in if needed! Whether your concerns are small or major, I highly recommend giving Dr. Hyde a call–you will want to keep his # handy!”
Erin A. , Oakland, CA


“Well, I will let you in on a secret, but you mustn’t tell anyone! I have a problem with little spider veins and they just won’t leave me alone. I have had to have them dismissed from class 3 times now…but finally I found the master! It’s Dr. Hyde! If i could give him 6 stars, I would…this doctor is absolutely superb. He is truly a leader in his field…a former anesthesiologist who has turned his attentions to veins…and clearly has a passion and perfection to his work that is at once reassuring and impressive. From his beautiful space in downtown SF to his thorough follow up instructions, everything about his practice is quality, quality, quality, yet remarkably affordable. I have a had a bad experience with incompetent treatment of spider veins before, so imagine my relief when within a few minutes I realized I was in the hands of a true expert. I know there will be pesky spider veins to banish again one day, and I will waste no time coming to Dr. Hyde. I have the utmost confidence in him and his work. I just wish I had found him years ago!”
Joanne M. , San Francisco, CA


“Dr. Hyde treated my spider veins on my ankles and the back of my legs with wonderful results. He and his staff were very professional. Dr. Hyde explained all procedures in detail for my thorough understanding of the process, what to expect and after-care. I’m very pleased with the outcome.”
Jamra S. , San Rafael, CA